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By daftboyAugust 3, in Marriage and divorce. So bit of background I have a Thai girlfriend and a child together she also has a second child from a previous Thai relationship she stays in Isaan now with her mum.

Thailand rent wife have a thailand rent wife to move together back to farrangland. 10 dating sites is not someone I have just met thailand rent wife, I have known her for best part of 5 years and have a child. I should add she has no other source of income other than me and she also has to support her mother. Recently she has got more demanding and says she needs.

So how much do you guys provide? What percentage of your monthly income do you consider fair?

Or as I suspect massage tustin amount does she consider enough? That's even too much for Bangkok buddy. Your supporting your girlfriend and child which is fair and right Is your wife paying rent?.

Yes the last few months she has been pushing me up to 20, with numerous reasons as to why she thailand rent wife. One girl is getting 50, from a farrang who wants to take thailand rent wife abroad she says despite wire fat and fent a Thai husband who she lives with.

Not paying any rent, last month she said she needed 4, extra to pay for 2 tutors for submissive girl 1 child, this month says she has to pay for taking number 1 to hospital as he rhailand had some behavioral problems. Last month thailand rent wife had to pay for our child for hospital treatment.

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This month she says she has got through 9, in 1 week! I asked how she said 1, on hospital for number thailand rent wife and then has to give 3, thailand rent wife a notebook for number 1 says her sister will put 10, towards.

I think the last few months she has got greedy, I should also add I was last in LOS in Thailand rent wife young asian girl anal I gave her a one off 50, she was suppose to get the floor tiled in her mums house where she stays.

Says this would be good for my son to stop insects etc. Instead she spent it on her mothers 'farm' says this was a one off investment and her mum will put the land in her. What do you earn a month? Has the steam ran out brazian sex the Farang Thread already Welcome to Thai Visa By snoop Started 20 hours ago.

By Daffy D Started 1 hour ago. By JaiLai Started Tuesday at By rooster59 Started 2 hours ago. By snoop Started 19 hours ago. By webfact Started Wednesday at By rooster59 Started 4 hours ago. By rooster59 Started 1 hour ago.

By ivor bigun Started April By webfact Started Yesterday at By snoop Started 17 hours ago. Marriage thailand rent wife divorce. Search In.

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Recommended Posts. Posted August 3, Hi all, So bit of background I have a Thai girlfriend and a child rentt she also has a second child from a previous Thai relationship she stays in Isaan now with her mum. Share this post Link thailznd post Share on other sites. Well, what do you consider to be a fair amount?

I think 15, baht is a fair amount although 20, baht is now what I have been giving. Thailand rent wife think that is a cum in my wife amount to be honest, you need to be careful you don't create a monster.

Thailand rent wife I Am Looking Nsa

One girl is getting 50, from a farrang who wants to take her abroad she says despite being fat and having thailand rent wife Thai husband who she lives with and lots of stories about how she doesn't ask for big money 30, or 40, I fear she may be turning into that monster! Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect Thailand.

Joined 5 years aife. Especially if she's got a arse on her like a Bombay money lender. Before your relationship goes completely down the tubes thailand rent wife your parenthood of your child - ASAP! She is supporting not only her mother and the two children but everybody. She's handing your hard earned money to everyone in her village by the fist full, and probably gambling or supporting thailand rent wife Thai lover on the.

Thailand rent wife

I hate to tell you that but unfortunately it is incredibly common. Your girlfriend probably isn't any different than the rest.

Tell thailand rent wife to get a job. If she needed an extra few baht I'd transfer it to her in small thailnad hundred at a time. These girls can't handle money. Never give her the entire months "salary" in a lump sum.

She play the Lottery with it, up to 10, per month. Anything more than you thailand rent wife afford is too. I know sluts wanting cock who give their girlfriends, who were former prostitutes,Absolutely as much as she can get from you without any regard whatsoever for how much you can afford.

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Get her to send you the bills, scanned via email. Check them carefully, and pay them online if possible. Hospital treatment is free in Thailand. If she's using an expensive private thailand rent wife, you can review the invoice and then reimburse. This topic is now closed to further replies.

Go To Topic Listing. Student broke no laws with Buddha-Ultraman paintings: How to clear search history in Chrome. Top Canadian police intelligence officer charged with leaking secret information. Thais allowed six cannabis plants per household under draft thailand rent wife.

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Ombudsman presses PM to ban paraquat thailand rent wife January. How is life for 3 ex-Expats who have returned to UK? Flooding in Ubon Ratchathani the worst in 17 years. Patong lifeguards to be hired year round, full time. Do wice believe in God and why.

Suspect pretended to be police colonel to sell positions in the force forbaht. Oh Man!

Foreign tourist thailand rent wife up 50K bar tab after ringing the bell 20 times! Navy chief defends purchase of amphibious vessel from China. Subscribe to the newsletter. Subscribe to the daily ThaiVisa newsletter to receive the latest updates about Thailand directly in your inbox.

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