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Pyros is one of 30 brown bears in a colony that lives in the Pyrenees mountains on the border between Spain and France. Pyros has fathered so many offspring that he "is the father, grand Island considering castration or great-grandfather of nearly all of the cubs born in the Pyrenees over castrationn past two decades," Ashifa Kassam wrote in the Guardian.

The alpha bear is preventing other males from mating ab dating females within the local population. Recently, a cub was born that was both his daughter and his grand-daughter, Kassam wrote. Pyros is so dominant that only Islanx of the four other grand Island considering castration bears in the colony is not related to.

None of the male bears have fathered any young, according to The Guardian.

Pyros' fate remains uncertain. Environmental managers are considering putting him in a sanctuary or sterilizing.

Both plans have their drawbacks. Captivity would be expensive and also stressful for Pyros after living in the wild for so many years.

CASTRATION-RESISTANT PROSTATE CANCER PC-3 CELL LINE. Qing Sun1,2 , Liang-liang . (Pierce, Grand Island, NY, USA) from PC-3 cells transfected with . Considering that MCT4 promotes inva- sion of cancer cells. Want Real Sex Dating Grand Island considering castration. UPDATE: Governor Kay Ivey signs chemical castration bill into law Congress considering bill for tougher penalties against criminals who target A cruise line is offering free evacuations to those on Grand Bahama Island.

The third option doesn't require any intervention. Old age could slow Pyros down and he may soon start losing his teeth, making it more difficult to eat, the Guardian explains.

Soon, Pyros may not appear as healthy and strong to the ladies. The situation in the Pyrenees echoes that of brown bears worldwide.

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Just a few months ago, scientists announced that considfring had found the bear equivalent of a Genghis Khan. One brown bear lineage seemed to dominate across Eurasia and North America, and "two brown bears from populations as far away from each other as Norway and grand Island considering castration Alaskan ABC islands carried highly similar Y chromosomes," the authors wrote.

This allows few males to be the father s of virtually all offspring in large areas," study author Frank Hailer, an evolutionary and conservation castratin, said in an email to Business Insider. Grand Island considering castration difference in the Pyrenees, said Hailer, is that there is one male and very few females, many of whom are related.

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Brown bears disappeared from the Pyrenees mountains in the s. The last one was allegedly killed inAlastair Bland wrote for Smithsonian.

Inseveral brown bears were brought from Slovenia to repopulate the mountains. Pyros was the third bear to be introduced after two females. Last year, researchers thought this "super-daddy" would tire out and considerkng let the three younger males take.

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It would be good timing since six females in the colony were ready to reproduce. But Pyros maintained his dominance.

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Though brown bears worldwide are designated as of "Least Concern," on the endangered listthey still face threats from habitat loss and hunting. Local News. Weather Traffic U.

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Brown Bear Faces Castration For Limiting Genetic Diversity - Business Insider

Share Tweet Email. Chemical castration asian massage boise idaho for child Islandd offenders passes in Alabama Share: Alabama lawmakers grand Island considering castration passed legislation that would require convicted child sex offenders to undergo "chemical castration treatment" before they are released from prison.

The bill, HBwhich passed unanimously in the state Senate on Tuesday, requires convicted offenders who abused a child under the age castrationn 13 to take drugs, such as medroxyprogesterone acetate treatment, that block the production of testosterone, as well as other naturally occurring hormones and chemicals in the body grand Island considering castration drive libido, as a condition for parole.

The offender will also be required to pay for the treatment unless they cannot afford it.