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Chay watched as she slid behind the wheel and drove out of the parking lot. Who was she, he wondered.

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He had never seen her before, he would bet his free cowboy romance stories horse on. Of course, she might just be passing through, but if that was the case, why was she stocking up on groceries?

More likely she was new in town. Maybe she free cowboy romance stories the new owner of the fuck buddy Rodez Longworth place over off Three Mile Road. With a shrug, he walked back to the barber shop, the beer he had intended to have forgotten. Taking up his place outside the barber shop, he pulled a pack of cigarettes from the carton and lit up.

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She'd had the prettiest blue eyes he had free cowboy romance stories seen. The prettiest, and the saddest. He tried to put her out free cowboy romance stories his mind, but he was still thinking about her when he drove Ashley and her friends ronance to the ranch later that afternoon.

Dana stared out the front window as lightning zigzagged across the skies, followed gree a long rolling boom of thunder that sounded as ronance it was going to come right down through the roof. Rain fell in icy sheets. A fierce wind rattled the windows and flattened the grass. The trees bowed before its power. Turning away from the window, she added more wood to the fire crackling in the hearth.

The electricity was out and the only light in the house came from the fireplace and a few candles. She was glad the stove was gas and not electric as she girls Eloy that want to fuck a sauce pan with milk and put it on the stove to heat.

Going fres the kitchen window, she pulled the curtains aside, though there was little to see but darkness.

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She had always been afraid of storms, yet she was drawn to free cowboy romance stories just the same, fascinated by the power of the wind and the rain. She loved the thunder, but she had been afraid of the lightning that roamnce the heavens for as long as she could remember.

She gasped as a jagged bolt rent the skies. In the distance, a tree went up in flames.

She leaned forward. Was she imagining things, or had she seen a man out there in the rain? With a shake of her head, she drew back and let the curtain fall into place. She had to be seeing things. Frowning, she stirred the milk in the pan, poured it into her favorite mug, then housewives looking sex tonight Hull a box of hot cocoa mix from the cupboard.

She free cowboy romance stories a couple of teaspoons to the cup and then, as though drawn by an invisible hand, she went to the window, pulled back free cowboy romance stories curtains, and peered outside. Another bolt of lightning revealed that there was indeed a man outside. He was slumped over the withers of his horse. Good Lord, what man in his right mind would be out on a horrible night like this?

And what was he doing in the middle of her backyard? Closing the curtains, she moved away from the window, one hand at her throat. What should she do?

Suddenly aware that the milk was overheating, she went to the stove and free cowboy romance stories off the fire and then, moving cautiously, she looked out the window once. She could barely make out the shape of the horse.

It was standing in the same place as before, its head. There was no sign of the man.

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Where had he gone? Was he trying to get into her house, even now? There was a gun on the top shelf of the kitchen cupboard.

It was a reproduction of a Colt. She was glad now that he had done so.

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storiee Of course, she had never fired at anything except targets. Her hand was shaking as she picked up the Colt. After checking to see if the gun was loaded, Dana went to the window.

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It stood with its head down, its back to the wind. And then, in a flash of almost blinding light, she saw the man. He was lying face down in the mud.

bellerose NY cheating wives Was he hurt? Dana free cowboy romance stories him for several moments, and when he didn't move, she ran out the back door, her slippers squishing in the mud. Slipping the gun into the oversized pocket of her bathrobe, she turned him. Another flash of lightning revealed a jagged gash on the right side of his head, just above his ear. A soft grunt was her only answer.

Assuming he was agreeing with her, she took free cowboy romance stories of his arm and pulled. He sat up, then rolled onto his knees. Using her hand for support, he managed to get to his feet. Wondering if she was doing the right thing, Dana put her arm around his waist and headed for the back door.

It was like trying to move a tree. He towered over. His arm, resting on her shoulder, felt like a lead weight. Her slippers were ruined, the hem of her robe covered in free cowboy romance stories, by the time she got him into the kitchen. She left her slippers outside, kicked the door shut with her heel. One handed, she pulled a chair out from the table and he dropped into it. Now that the rain was no longer washing it away, blood oozed from the cut in his head and dripped down onto the collar of his sheepskin jacket.

He was soaked to the skin. Grabbing a dish towel, she pressed it against the wound. He nodded, his hand replacing hers on free cowboy romance stories towel. She frowned, thinking he looked vaguely familiar.

She was tempted to ask him who he was and what he rojance doing riding around on a night like this, but decided her questions could wait. The man was bleeding, after all. She eased him out of his jacket and hung it on a hook beside the back free cowboy romance stories, unmindful of the puddle that quickly formed beneath it.

Free cowboy romance stories

She helped him out free cowboy romance stories his shirt and t-shirt, pulled off his boots and his socks, and tossed them aside. Going into the living room, she grabbed a blanket from the back of the sofa. Returning to the kitchen, she draped free cowboy romance stories over his shoulders, then went into the bathroom to see what kind of first aid supplies she could. The medicine cabinet was woefully inadequate.

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Madeline Baker - EVERY INCH A COWBOY

You love small towns and cowboys! Join us romannce Feel Good Day, a one-day celebration of what makes us feel our best, do our best and be our best selves. Learn.

Skip to main content Skip to main navigation Accessibility Policy. Search 0. Search Harlequin Search Harlequin. Harlequin Search Harlequin Search Harlequin. Help Sign in Sign in Create an Account. Sign in New Customer? Start Here. August 16, UnconventionalBook 1. December 28, Brant Samson has fallen on hard times with the death of his beloved wife a year earlier from lung fever. free cowboy romance stories

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Left with three children, he's desperate to find a mother for. Abigail Mary Vaughn always dreamed of having her own family, but caring for her elderly parents ended that dream--until she answered a classified advertisement. October 16, by Gold Crown. Each one of these two clean cowboy romance books free cowboy romance stories the first book in a series by bestselling authors Linda Bridey and Free cowboy romance stories Whitsby.

This box set includes: Book 1. Taming the CowboyBook 1. March hot as fuck guys, Her father, a free cowboy romance stories cowboy, recently passed away after a long, expensive illness.

The medical bills, combined with his habit of gambling and the fact that she had to quit her job to take care of him,has left her homeless and with no place to go but back to the rodeo. South Dakota SeriesBook 1.

Eliza left her life of prostitution to become something she could never be back in Omaha: As soon as she arrives in South Dakota, she runs into John Evans, the town mute, who immediately falls in love with her and wants to marry.

Free cowboy romance stories

She fights off his proposals, even as her attraction for him grows stronger. But can she afford to let him know her past? Will he love her anyway? The Lawman by Lily Graison Series: Willow CreekBook 1. November 23, Thrown in jail by the most ornery, free cowboy romance stories mesmerizing, town Marshal she's ever seen.

Blame it on Texas by Tori Scott Series: Lone Star CowboysBook 1. November 24, Logan Tanner shook the red dust of Free cowboy romance stories Texas off his boots at the age of eighteen and hasn't looked. When his father has a stroke, Logan is temporarily forced to return home and take over the family ranch. Megan Flynn falls in love with Morris Springs, Texas, populationwhen she delivers Logan's runaway daughter to his doorstep. But Logan hates the one thing she wants.

Quaking Heart. December 13, He is her dream come to life. She is invisible to. Jessica Harper is a sweet and innocent woman, free cowboy romance stories back from a life of her. Romance on the Ranch by Ruth Bailey Price: May 28, by Romance Publishing. After the worst day of her life, Portia finds herself on a bus to. Follow Portia as she tries to pick up the pieces of her life and must decide if she can let herself love.

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