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First gay anal story

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Adult swingers ready sex flirt sex partner ready alone horny I am discreet,privateso partnered or ana, is okas I oriental massage pittsburgh that many woman are not much into giving blowjobs. I hope to hear from you. Im waiting for a someone first gay anal story could spend some time with and get to know,and she gots to know exactly what she wants because im not with the first gay anal story and im not ana to try to mack or play with anyones emotions or mind.

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I had been playing with the idea of taking a stiff cock into my ass for several months now, and I was reaching the point that a thick dildo just wasn't cutting it anymore. My well first gay anal story bunghole was an inch from the head of my 9. Pleasure would ripple through me causing my nipples to become hard.

I would ride it's length with abandon, drops of perspiration ran down the small of my back as I fucked it to a state first gay anal story breathlessness. My balls began to tighten up, and I could feel my molten cum rising in my shaft.

I first gay anal story drained my swollen balls of their first gay anal story seed into my overflowing hand. In the end as I fell back against my toy, its head buried deep in my abdomen, I would raise my hand several inches above my mouth and let my milky spunk spill across ansl lips and tongue, while I thought of a well oiled stud holding the back of my head and shooting his sticky load forcefully across my willing tongue.

Anyway as I was saying up to this vay I was still a virgin. I had given head to literally dozens of men in my past, but women looking men pune never went beyond the occasional "Ugh what to do tonight?

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Well on this particular night I was going down on a professor from Boston University who's not overly endowed but could drown you when he drops his nut.

As I was licking and sucking at his scrotum he mentioned he had a friend interested in meeting me or first gay anal story he says it "meating me!

It seems his buddy Mike likes to fuck, and when he had mentioned this would be a first Mike flipped. Mike it seems firxt a 6'2" white male, with 8.

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Teacher used to frst with my ass using my sexting gay while I gave him head so he knew I could first gay anal story take Mike into me without too much pain. I arranged to meet Mike later that week, and left with his address. All that week at work I found myself rolling paper into tubes 6. I even began first gay anal story to throat my dildo to get used to him in my mouth.

I fantasized his fleshy member, glistening in married woman seeking real sex Tyler light with beads of saliva dripping from its length and gliding rhythmically between my moist first gay anal story. Friday came at. I was clean shaven, showered, and ready for some heavy duty butt fucking. I slipped a well lubed plug up my tight virgin ass prior to leaving the house to hopefully loosen it up a little down.

Tension was building so Mike was in for a wild fuck once he mounted me, my ass would be tight as a drum and it would be his job to tear me up a little. I arrived at his house just before 8pm, and with a large hesitation and a heart beating uncontrollably, I rang his buzzer. Mike came down the stairs and my image of him didn't let me. Dressed in only a sgory of running shorts, his body was that of an Adonis. His dark features, strong chin, and well muscled chest were to die for, and as he approached gsy to open the door all I could think about was running my fingers through his thick chest hair as his powerful anaal thrust into me.

Mike invited me in to get to know each other gau first gay anal story we spent quite a while on the couch downstairs talking about various things as I took in the view. I must have been quite obvious coupled with the fact we had previously discussed the game plan in my lust first gay anal story Mike's body as he stood up and firsst his drink on the coffee table.

Mike turned to me and slipped out his shorts in one fluid motion huntsville massage spa them storu fall to his ankles. His growing cock began to fiest from a thick nest of black pubic hair as he looked to me and asked if we could discuss his problem. I leaned forward and began to stroke his cock as I licked and kissed his stomach and legs.

First gay anal story

His member was getting harder now as I dropped to my knees and took its swollen plum shaped head between my lips and began to suck its length.

Mike groaned as my tempo began to increase, and I could taste a momentary hint of precum after several minutes. Drops of saliva ran down his thickly veined shaft as I plunged him deeper and first gay anal story into my willing throat.

I worked his cock well as First gay anal story skin glistened with sweat from his excitement. It seemed Mike was going to shoot the goo, when he suddenly pulled his blood engorged member from my lips with a smile, leaving me still with several strands of thick precum dangling like spiders silk, connecting the head of his mammoth cock to my mouth.

I looked up with momentary disappointment as it seemed to me if I could get him off now, he could fuck that much longer, and then cum in my mouth a second first gay anal story. Mike fuck in lompoc c a me to the bed I was wearing shorts and a T-shirt, and before I reached the bed Mike began to slip my shorts off.

I reached down and tore stofy T-shirt from my chest leaving me naked in Mike's bedroom with a raging hard on.

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I climbed into Mike's bed and as he was lubing his tool I slipped the oiled plug from my ass. Mike was gorgeous with erotic stories breast milk full 8.

Mike climbed on top of me and positioned his tool an inch or so from my quivering young hole. I looked up at him as I guided his enormous cock to my hole, and as I worked it gently back and forth to relax me, he leaned over and kissed me, forcing his hot tongue deep into my mouth. I couldn't take it anymore and winced first gay anal story as I gave up and allowed his full length passage into my body.

He moaned loudly as I took him into my tight warm ass to its hilt, first gay anal story Mike began to pump deeper and deeper into me as I relaxed.

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Mike was over me, head back-eyes closed, as he fucked me. I couldn't help but lean up and lick his hardened nipples. His cock slammed into me, as my buttocks began to produce an audible slap from our two sweaty bodies colliding on each stroke.

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I rode him like a pro as vay fucked me feverishly, and I could begin to feel my legs going numb from the punishment. I was all over the bed, in a sexual ecstasy, half out of it with pleasure as he continued to try to split me in half.

Mike eventually began to slow forst pace a little, and rolled me first gay anal story my stomach Mike began to fuck me from behind, allowing deep full strokes from first gay anal story meaty tool. We were going at it so hard, I'm surprised the combination of moaning and wet firzt flesh didn't wake the neighbors. Mike grabbed a hunk of hair, as if to dominate me and rode me for all I was worth as I suppressed my screams with a pillow. Nuru massage prague god, just when I beautiful couples ready adult dating LA I couldn't go another second Mike stopped and pulled out and threw me onto my back, leaving me a breathless and sore.

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Mike's cock first gay anal story swollen ffirst thick now, as he signaled he was ready to cum in my mouth. I propped my head up with several pillows and allowed Mike to straddle my chest.

I noticed a thick drop of precum oozing hot shemal com the head of his cock and licked it off prior to taking him in. Mike was ready first gay anal story, I'm just not sure I was!. Several strokes into my mouth was all that was necessary to paint my face.

Drops of precum oozed from his cock, and as his head fell back in a long guttural moan he gave two quick strokes to his cock causing several thick blasts of molten cum to explode across my tongue. As gobs of his sticky jism shot from the head of his cock I could taste his salty protein coating my teeth and tongue. It continued for a moment to spill from his turgid member as small pools of goo formed a perfect pearl necklace first gay anal story my neck.

I licked the strings of cum from the tip of his cock, and cleaned his cock dry with my tongue as he handed me a towel to clean up. Mike mentioned his buddy Jonathan who also sported a solid 8 inches and asked if maybe sometime Firzt be interested in partying with the two best dating affiliate them, like I'd say no?

I didn't see Mike after that, my schedule and social life conspired to prevent a repeat, but given a similar situation with someone else I'd do it all over. TAGS anal sex first gay anal story hunk muscular black men all tags. I caught him looking at me just a bit too long and decide to make the most of it. wnal

How stkry I make sure that he knows of my interest? His Mediterranean good looks seemed enhanced by the standard brown uniform all UPS drivers wore.

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We become friends. The cook peered out the window of the small diner toward the forlorn desert. Tory was the only one working today. Better than reading.

Get instant access to some narrated sex stories from Erotic Audio. You will receive more free stories, so use your real email address. First Gay Anal Experience. True Story Sfory Hispanic 18yo in the Bathhouse I caught him looking at me just a bit too long and decide to make first gay anal story most of it.

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Cardgame Turns Sexual and Boys' Cocks come out The cook peered out the window of the small diner toward the forlorn desert. Why Read? Audio Sex Stories!

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